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Founded in 1967 Laksana begins its first kick as a machine shop in Semarang. The shop initially focused on automotive machineries. Within the first three years the shop grew tremendously that in 1970 it had to move to a newly expanded location. Several divisions were erected within the next several years and in 1977 Laksana expanded to auto-manufacturing division with the first main product: Mitsubishi T-120 minivans.

The rapid growth of auto-manufacturing division needed even much bigger location. Within one year which was in 1978, this division was relocated to Ungaran (Our current production plant). In this newly built 5,000 m2 plant, buses as well as commercial and private vehicles were assembled. This plant was then further added several times in the following years. Present day it is approximately 70,000m2, and still growing. These ever growing expansions allowed the development of several divisions that support the main production line, as well as increased our production capacity to 1000 buses per year which make Laksana the biggest bus builder in Indonesia to date.

Your Needs Comes First
A word to describe our main focus on delivering our esteemed customers experiences, from start to finish, as we have been since our first shop opens. We work very hard at paying attention to the slightest detail in order to help improve passengers’ safety as well as customers’ and passengers’ satisfaction.

Wide Selection of Product to Offer
Our core competencies are Medium and Big buses. We have the biggest range of product which includes Touring buses, Intercity buses, City buses, and Special Purpose buses. Laksana puts very huge emphasis on providing highest possible products quality towards its customers, which currently range from Local city bus operators, local intercity bus operators, local tourist bus operators, and Government agencies to International Corporate (Chevron Pacific Indonesia, Schlumberger, Saipem Indonesia, YKK Zipper, Theiss Indonesia). We have also started exporting our buses to the Asia Pacific region since 2009.

Laksana proudly obtained
  • ISO 9001-2008 for Quality Management System.
  • Mercedes Benz certification as Laksana bus fulfilled the requirements of the Mercedes Benz Body Building Directives for excellent product quality and highest customer satisfaction.

Touring Coach
Intercity Bus
City Bus

Main Office
Jl. Dr. Cipto 260 Semarang, Indonesia 50242
Phone : +62. 24. 8411 820, 8313 592
Fax : +62. 24. 8411 790
Branch Office
Jl. Kudin 66 Kec. Makasar, Jakarta, Indonesia 13570
Phone : +62. 21. 7078 4949
Fax : +61. 21. 8091 971
Jl. Raya Ungaran Km. 24,9 Ungaran, Indonesia 50552
Phone : +62. 24. 6921 070, 6921 370, 6923 309
Fax : +62. 24. 6921 376
Email :

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