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PT. Rahayu Santosa, a company engaged in the body of a car, focusing on the provision of the best operational equipment for our customers. Established since 1961 in Bogor, Indonesia, we dedicate the resources and the best service for our customers, who have given their reliance on Rahayu Santosa.

Company History
   1961     Established - Bus Operator , Located in Bogor
   1972     Start Bus Manufacturing
   1974     Stop Bus Operator
   1982     Second Generation take Over
   1984     Move to new location ( Main Factory )
   1993     PT. Restindo Dayatama – Seats Manufacturer
   1994     PT. Sentras Varitama - Fibreglass
   1995     Start Component Division (MFG) - Modular Body Concept
   1997     Start Implementing Modular Body Concept (12 m Bus)
   1998     Economy Crisis
   2001     Design Center
   2003     Start Implementing Modular Body Concept (8 M Bus)
   2004     Setup Holding Company – PT. Prima Sentris Santosa
   .........    Setup Distributor Company – PT. Duta Prima Santosa
   2005     Move Design Center to Main Factory
   2006     Start Monocoque Project
   2007     Start Implementing Modular Body Concept (5 m Bus) – Commuter & Truck
   2008     Start Production Articulated Bus.

To be the Best Bus Body Manufacture In Indonesia With International Quality Standard.
Doing Business With Focus On Maximizing Stakeholders Interest.


" Safety, Style & Comfort "
We have high standards and safety in all our products.
Rahayu Santosa always strive to provide the latest models for customers according to function and the specific needs of each for our service users.
Forsure we also give priority to convenience for our loyal customers Rahayu Santosa.

Big Bus, Medium Bus, Small Bus, Mini Bus, Special Design.

Office / Factory
Jl.Raya Bogor Km. 48, Nanggewer Bogor 16192 Jawa Barat - Indonesia
Phone : +62-21. 875 2530 (hunting), +62-251. 865 2450 - 453.
Fax : +62-21. 875 5565, +62-251. 865 2454.

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