Volvo B7R - Chassis and Autobody

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Volvo B7R

Chassis Specifications

Rear-mounted, 6-cylinder, 7-litre diesel
D7E290, 213 kW, 1200 Nm
Emissions class:
Euro 3/Euro 4/Euro 5
Gross weight (GVW):
18 metric tonnes
6-speed manual, 8-speed manual (choice of 2), 4-speed automatic,  6-speed automatic
Volvo compact retarder / Voith retarder
Braking system:
Disc brakes, ABS, Optional retarder
Rear axle:
Rear axle with choice of seven ratios for best performance in each application area.
Steering angle:
50 degrees

Autobody Sample

Name Company : PO Metropolitan - Imahleumpang
Origin : Kuningan, West Java, Indonesia
AutoBody Manufactured by : Adi Putro, Malang, Indonesia
Type Design : New Marcopolo HD
Class Category Bus : Tourist Bus, Luxury Bus
Engine Bus : Volvo B7R [-] Powered by Firman Koga
Update, 18 November 2011

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